Saturday, September 7, 2013

The wrong conclusion

In the midst of pain we don't always make wise choices. It is often said that when major events happen in our lives this is not the best time to make big decisions. When our emotions are most engaged our brains are most disengaged. We often want to make the situation go away or change so we may end up doing doing something drastic.  When i have done this in my life, i almost always regret it. My deepest pains have led me to do some pretty stupid things. I wasn't always caught, but there was at least once when i was busted working out my emotions in a negative way. It was financially a bad thing as the ticket was well over $100. 
So what should we do? When emotions are exacerbated, pressed into action by circumstances, it is at this time that we must slow down. Take a step back, breath deep and wait.  Act like everything is normal. Ask to be excused for a few minutes. Remove yourself from the situations. Disengage for a time. 
Once we have been able to digest and work out the emotions then we make decisions or react. 
I will confess that many a time in my misunderstanding  and impatience, i have messed up, often at the detriment to those around me.
Today, I am reminded that before the pain, emotions or critical situations i will find myself in, I must make up my mind before hand what boundaries and actions are allowed. If not, i will end up crossing lines or saying things that will cause me to  meet regret head on, again. 

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